Operation Hornets Nest Trailer

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Russian Invasion 1st May 2010

Mays Game was - Russian government; unhappy with Turkey’s involvement with the West and Strong Islamic roots, decide to invade it!

Unfortunately, Russia ain’t all it used to be so vast numbers of infantry and armour cannot be deployed; in fact it is left to the Spetznaz SF soldiers to take key strongholds and repel any counter offensives until the larger Russian forces can arrive - once they are formed!!!

NATO and Turkey obviously take a dim view of this action and plan to retake all the cities and installations under Russian command and call on the USS Ronald Reagan carrier group for assistance as it only a few days sail away.

Great day - Nato forces were in dessies , Russian forces in Green Camos with a few Pmc working for the highest bidder , was nice to play a game where you can tell your enemy by sight and it went well :) hoping to steal photos from the photographer who was there or a link to his site soon :) was strange so many folks going around in desert camo in woodland but worked well and look forward the next game been done with desert vs greens etc.