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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fireball Black Ops - whats that all about ?......

later :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sept Woodland went all Indiana Jones and the Eye of Ra

Well when a friend told me he had a proper indy costume , that was it a ww2 style game with indiana jones and his arch enemy doctor von froogle :) So we shot the next epic Indiana Jones and the Eye of Ra - The allies started well and controlled the mornings shooting ;) , but the tides changed in the afternoon as the germans under new leadership fought back rescued the information which led them to the magic weapon to slay the ghosts of Ra and claim the prize, The Eye of Ra was theres and allt he power that went with it ........ ( turns out must have got lost on the way to hitler as we all still here ! )

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Julys game - Back In Time To Vietnam

Julys game at Fireball was a theme game set in the Nam Era and as i get back on track with this blog this was 3 months ago lol but if memory serves me correct was a crushing victory for the VC who in the morning overran the usa all over and collected nearly every supply crate there was :) , the usa faired a little bit better int he afternoon and had a good comeback was a nice hot day in the nam :) roll on next years nam game :)

Russian Invasion 1st May 2010

Mays Game was - Russian government; unhappy with Turkey’s involvement with the West and Strong Islamic roots, decide to invade it!

Unfortunately, Russia ain’t all it used to be so vast numbers of infantry and armour cannot be deployed; in fact it is left to the Spetznaz SF soldiers to take key strongholds and repel any counter offensives until the larger Russian forces can arrive - once they are formed!!!

NATO and Turkey obviously take a dim view of this action and plan to retake all the cities and installations under Russian command and call on the USS Ronald Reagan carrier group for assistance as it only a few days sail away.

Great day - Nato forces were in dessies , Russian forces in Green Camos with a few Pmc working for the highest bidder , was nice to play a game where you can tell your enemy by sight and it went well :) hoping to steal photos from the photographer who was there or a link to his site soon :) was strange so many folks going around in desert camo in woodland but worked well and look forward the next game been done with desert vs greens etc.

April 17th 2010 - Fireball Away Day - Ops Tactical

Well a long overdue away game for members of fireball was played at Ops Tac , with i think over 25 folks turning up nice early and ready to go (well , ready after a Maccie Ds breakfast) A few of the ops tac boys had a good night before and did not make it so 3 fireball members jumped ship to the other side to even up the sides. Was fantastic sunshine all day and i think every 1 had a great time , it was a fun sight to play even thou i kept getting lost lol. Big thanks to Rob who ran it for us and thanks to Tina for lovely food and for brightening up the site :). Think we were all shattered by the end of the day but every 1 agreed was a fun day out :) and hopefully we shall do it more often.
Photos can be seen here if you on facebook!/album.php?aid=2054050&id=1013896160